GREAT Things Come When You Least Expect Them

9 years ago was made on an idea. I never imagined the amount of people that would visit the website. It was so intense. I always wanted to make sure that I had a great website for the visitors. I went as far as paying quite a few hundred a month for the servers to ensure people had a fun/quick enjoyable experience on the website. It was great. I know quite a few people met people on MobsterAdd and a lot of memories were made. Visitors from the website still remain in contact to this day.

It just so happened that I met Catie on MA. I decided one day while she was at work to come up with some way to surprise her. I decided to repurchase the domain where we first met – the website that I created way back in 2008. The internet is such a great tool and amazing things happen in cyberspace. I’d like to invite anyone and everyone to visit and follow the website on a story that is just beginning. This is life, this is reality. Great things do happen when you least expect them to.

Catie, I dedicate this to you. I love you.

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